Read With Megan

Looking to shift something in your life?  Or, are you fine just as you are?  What is this game we call life all about?  Is there a meaning or a purpose to life?  What are we?  Are we being all that we might be?  Are we to have a purpose in our life?  Why has your life been what it has?  Are you just on a ride or are you actively creating?  Oh!  So many questions.  Oh!  What fun!

Read along.  Share your experiences and thoughts.  What is being triggered for you as you are reading?  Is anything shifting?  What do you think?  What do you feel?  This is not only a place to post book reviews, but too, to share your own experiences as you are reading our book selection.

If you are joining us, it is suggested you read each of the books we have.  Feel free to catch up, to play and to grow along with us.

Read along with Megan and grow in your capacity to unravel your unique tapestry of consciousness.  Step into a position where you consciously choose to be in the driver’s seat of your life.  Grow in your ability to create a life that is abundant and joyful. Read along, look in and expand the love that you are.

LOL & Love …